Australian Olympic Committee

Connecting Australian’s to the philosophy of olympism through a new digital platform.

The Brief

The Australian Olympic Committee (The AOC) were undertaking a re-launch of their website in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The AOC had undergone a significant upgrade of their technology and data architecture, which created a need for a site that would look amazing and seamlessly integrate into a modern content marketing and infrastructure architecture. Achieving these objectives would enable The AOC to share the story of The Australian Olympic team historically, in future and in preparation for Tokyo 2020. Sakui partnered with research, strategy and experience design agency Made Simpler to bring the vision to life.

Our Challenge

A legacy content management system and data library were being retired. These dependencies contained the building blocks required to share the history of the Australian Olympic team and its participation in The Olympic Games. Every news article (approx 15,000), olympian (approx 4,000), games (approx 60), sport (approx 80), image and medal / result were to be migrated and automatically generate content aligned to a new interface while remaining editable and flexible. Additionally, Salesforce had also been deployed as the future state content repository and CRM, which meant that an integration with the platform was required. A flexible atomic design approach was required to facilitate a wide range of story telling options for content creators.