Vision Personal Training

Keeping trainers and clients aligned to the vision with a slick mobile app experience.

The Brief

Vision Personal Training fosters a vibrant culture of success driven by a unique relationship that exists between personal trainers and their clients. The business recognised an emerging need to upgrade the MyVision application which sits at the core of this co-dependent training relationship. MyVision would retain its current state functionality but it would also require a significant user experience upgrade that would deliver sophisticated new features and technologies aimed at future proofing the lifecycle of the application.

Our Challenge

The MyVision upgrade would be run parallel to an enterprise systems and infrastructure transformation that was taking place within the business. The project delivery would need to carefully consider the change impact, and align to an evolving technology landscape. The fitness application marketplace moves rapidly and is abundant in sophisticated experiences developed with significant investment. This meant that finding sophisticated APIs and services that would deliver on Vision's user experience objectives while remaining compliant with the dependencies of a legacy environment would require unique solutions.